เรื่องของจี้คือใคร? การสืบสวนเบื้องต้น


เรื่องของจี้คือใคร? is a topic that has fascinated many people for years. It is the story of a mysterious individual named “Jeep” who was linked to various high-profile cases and has become something of a legend in Thai culture. In this article, we will explore who Jeep is, what the initial investigation revealed, and some frequently asked questions about the case.

Who is Jeep?

Jeep, also known as “Porntep Rojanasunan”, is a person of interest in several high-profile cases in Thailand. He is identified as a former police officer and a businessman who is believed to have involvement in various criminal activities, such as drug trafficking and murder.

Jeep came to public attention in 2019 when he was linked to the murder of a young couple, Mr. Anantachai Jaritram and Ms. Praphaporn Chantharatip. The couple disappeared on the night of August 16, 2019, and their bodies were later found buried in a shallow grave in Chonburi Province. Investigation by the police then led to the discovery of Jeep’s alleged involvement in the crime.

Although Jeep has always denied his involvement in the murder, he has been linked to other criminal activities in the past, including illegal drug trafficking and arms trading. Jeep has also been associated with a drug cartel operating in the Golden Triangle region of Southeast Asia, an infamous area known for producing opium and heroin.

What is the initial investigation reveal?

Jeep’s connection to the murder of the young couple in 2019 appeared to uncover a web of criminal activities that he may have been involved in. Following the discovery of the bodies of the couple, CCTV footage was obtained from the area where they were last seen, which appeared to show a pickup truck with a blue license plate following them.

Subsequent investigation traced the registration number of the truck to Jeep, who was later arrested along with several of his associates. During the interrogation, Jeep denied knowing the couple or having any involvement in their murder.

It was revealed by police that Jeep was involved in at least three other murder cases, including that of a mother and daughter in Chiang Mai Province in 2017 as well as a young woman’s murder in Bangkok. However, he has never been found guilty.

When arrested, Jeep was found to be in the possession of a significant amount of narcotics and illegal firearms. These findings led to several more arrests of his associates and a more thorough investigation of Jeep’s involvement in organized crime.

Jeep’s arrest and subsequent investigation sparked a media frenzy in Thailand, with many people curious to know more about the mysterious figure who seemed to have been involved in multiple criminal activities.


Q: Was Jeep ever convicted of any of the crimes he was linked to?

A: No, Jeep has never been convicted of any of the crimes he was linked to. He has always maintained his innocence and has been released on bail during the ongoing investigation.

Q: Is there any more information about Jeep’s alleged involvement in the drug trade?

A: Yes, it has been reported that Jeep was involved in a drug cartel in the Golden Triangle region of Southeast Asia, a notorious area known for producing opium and heroin.

Q: Was Jeep a police officer before he became involved in criminal activities?

A: Yes, Jeep was a police officer before he was linked to any criminal activities. It has been reported that he was forced to resign from his position in the police force due to allegations of corruption.

Q: What is the latest update on Jeep’s case?

A: The investigation into Jeep’s involvement in the murder of the young couple in Chonburi Province is ongoing. He has been released on bail and is awaiting trial.


The story of Jeep, the mysterious figure linked to multiple criminal activities in Thailand, continues to captivate the public’s attention. Despite his denials of guilt, Jeep’s alleged involvement in murders, drugs trafficking, and arms dealing has marked him as a figure of great interest in Thai culture. While there is still much that is not known about him, the ongoing investigation into his activities is likely to uncover more about his past and bring him closer to justice.

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