Watch Video Rahmedetalbrücke Sprengung gesprengt

In this article, we will be discussing the recent demolition of the Rahmede viaduct in Lüdenscheid, Germany, which was captured in a video of the explosive demolition. The Video Rahmedetalbrücke Sprengung has been widely circulated, showing the demolition of the 70-meter-high bridge, which had been closed for almost 17 months due to safety concerns. The clean-up operation is now underway, and the new bridge is expected to be completed in around five years. Stay tuned for more updates on this topic on

Watch Video Rahmedetalbrücke Sprengung gesprengt
Watch Video Rahmedetalbrücke Sprengung gesprengt

I. Autobahnbrücke Lüdenscheid

The Rahmede viaduct on the A45 has been closed for almost 18 months. Traffic has been diverted and Lüdenscheid is suffering. On May 7, 2023, it will be demolished. On December 2, 2021, the Rahmede viaduct on the A45 was closed due to the risk of collapse. One of Germany’s most important north-south connections has been severed since then, changing life in Lüdenscheid: 20,000 additional vehicles are forced to pass through the city every day. Residents are suffering, and companies are losing employees. The industry fears losses in the billions. The new structure is expected to be in place in about five years. On May 7, the dilapidated bridge will be demolished.

Autobahnbrücke Lüdenscheid
Autobahnbrücke Lüdenscheid

II. Watch video Rahmedetalbrücke Sprengung gesprengt

On Sunday in Lüdenscheid, the dilapidated Rahmede viaduct on the A45 in North Rhine-Westphalia was deliberately demolished. The 17,000-ton and up to 70-meter-high structure on the nationally important highway collapsed onto a massive bed of cushions.

At noon on Sunday, demolition expert Michael Schneider ignited the explosive charge. Around 150 kilograms of explosives caused the bridge pillars to collapse. The 450-meter-long structure fell to the ground. “It couldn’t have gone better,” Schneider said on WDR television.

The construction directly below the viaduct made the demolition particularly difficult on one of Germany’s now widely recognized construction sites. According to the Federal Ministry of Transport, the demolition marks a “milestone” in the journey towards the fastest possible reconstruction. The project is at the top of the priority list.

The important Dortmund-Frankfurt traffic axis has been disrupted since the bridge closure on December 2, 2021. The surrounding region, which is also economically significant, has been severely affected by traffic congestion, noise and exhaust pollution, stalled delivery traffic, a shortage of skilled workers, and losses in revenue.

III. The expectations of the people of Lüdenscheid

In Lüdenscheid, residents were able to watch the demolition at a public viewing in the city center. However, many people also went to a hill opposite the viaduct. From there, hundreds of people watched the demolition. Some were fully equipped with chairs, blankets, and a picnic.

Many citizens, especially residents of the affected region, were relieved and happy after the demolition, as it marked an important step forward. The closure of the road under the bridge as well as the A45 had burdened many people. One man from Lüdenscheid said after the demolition to WDR: “This was a moment of liberation.” He also shed a tear.

Federal Minister of Transport Volker Wissing (FDP) was also impressed afterwards. “You can tell that masses have come down here. You felt the pressure wave, but it is also impressive how precise the demolition was carried out. I am happy for the population that there is now a signal of hope that things will continue. This was a milestone, and now it continues.”

However, the new bridge is not expected to be completed before 2026. The Autobahn Westfalen GmbH has already announced the next demolition: On May 28, 2023, a part of the A45 Sterbecke viaduct will be demolished. The bridge is about two kilometers from the Rahmede site and also needs to be replaced. However, Sterbecke is “only” 45 meters high and leads over an uninhabited forest area. Only a partial structure will be demolished here.

The expectations of the people of Lüdenscheid
The expectations of the people of Lüdenscheid

IV. After the Rahmede blast: renovation of other motorway bridges

After the demolition, Wissing made it clear that around 4,000 highway bridges nationwide need to be renovated. Rahmede has shown how dramatic the consequences can be if they are not renewed in time. This should not happen again.

Alone on the A45, 60 viaducts need to be renewed. According to the CEO of the Federal Motorway Company, Stephan Krenz, seven bridges have already been completed, and 15 are in the construction phase. According to the Düsseldorf Ministry, around 870 highway bridges in North Rhine-Westphalia need renovation.

In a new investigative committee in the North Rhine-Westphalia state parliament, it will now be clarified why a new Rahmede bridge, which was already approved years ago, was ultimately postponed. The committee will investigate who is politically responsible. The opposition wants to target Hendrik Wüst (CDU), who was the Minister of Transport until October 2021. However, Wüst had denied personal failures.

Despite the upcoming investigations, the smooth progress on the day of the Rahmede demolition was a relief. Demolition expert Michael Schneider summed it up: “I’m just happy, happy, happy that everything went exactly as we wanted it to.”

After the Rahmede blast: renovation of other motorway bridges
After the Rahmede blast: renovation of other motorway bridges
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