CBS Meteorologist Elise Finch Dies at 51

Welcome to! Today, we share the sad news of the sudden loss of renowned CBS meteorologist, Elise Finch. Elise’s passing at the age of 51 has left a significant void in the field of weather forecasting. With over 16 years of dedication at WCBS, Elise was not only an Emmy-winning expert but also a beloved member of the community. Her commitment, talent, and passion for her work will be forever cherished. Join us in reading the article “CBS Meteorologist Elise Finch Dies at 51” to remember and honor Elise Finch, an exceptional talent who made a lasting impact in the industry.

CBS Meteorologist Elise Finch Dies at 51
CBS Meteorologist Elise Finch Dies at 51

I. Who is Elise Finch?

Elise Finch was a highly regarded meteorologist who made a significant impact in the field of weather forecasting. She worked at WCBS, a television station based in New York, for an impressive 16 years. During her tenure, Elise became well-known for her exceptional talent and dedication to providing accurate and informative weather reports.

Elise’s expertise in meteorology led to her receiving an Emmy Award, which recognized her outstanding contributions to the field. Her in-depth knowledge of weather patterns, coupled with her ability to effectively communicate complex information to viewers, made her a trusted source for weather updates.

Prior to her time at WCBS, Elise worked at various prominent media outlets. She held positions as a meteorologist for the “Early Today Show” on NBC, as well as MSNBC and NBC Weather Plus. Elise also gained experience as a weekend weather anchor and reporter at CBS and Fox affiliates in Youngstown, Ohio, and an ABC affiliate in Austin, Minnesota.

Elise’s passion for weather extended beyond her professional career. She was actively involved in her community, particularly in Mount Vernon, her hometown. Elise was known for her caring nature and willingness to engage with the people she served.

Beyond her professional achievements, Elise was a devoted mother to her daughter, Grace, and a loving wife to Graig Henriques, a photographer at WCBS. Her role as a mother and spouse added a depth of compassion and empathy to her character, which resonated with both her colleagues and viewers.CBS Meteorologist Elise Finch Dies at 51

Elise Finch’s journey in the television industry began behind the scenes at E! Entertainment TV, where she worked as a production coordinator for special projects and live events. This experience provided her with a well-rounded understanding of the television industry and prepared her for the dynamic role of an on-air meteorologist.

Elise’s educational background also contributed to her success in the field. She graduated from Mount Vernon High School and went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgetown University, where she received one of the prestigious Presidential Awards. Elise continued her studies, obtaining a Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse University. She further honed her meteorological skills by completing a broadcast meteorology program at Mississippi State University, which was approved by the American Meteorological Society.

Elise Finch’s passing at the age of 51 came as a shock to her colleagues, friends, and viewers. Her exceptional talent, dedication to her work, and genuine care for those around her left a lasting impression. Elise’s contributions to the field of meteorology and her impact on the communities she served will always be remembered.

II. CBS Meteorologist Elise Finch Dies at 51

CBS Meteorologist Elise Finch’s sudden passing at the age of 51 has left a profound impact on the community. Elise, known for her remarkable career in weather forecasting, spent 16 years working at WCBS in New York. She was highly regarded for her expertise and received an Emmy Award for her outstanding contributions in the field.

The news of Elise Finch’s death was announced by the television station on Sunday. The exact cause of her passing is yet to be disclosed.

Elise Finch was not only a valued colleague but also an integral member of the WCBS team. She was described as a talented, reliable, and passionate professional. Additionally, Elise was a devoted mother to her daughter, Grace, and the wife of Graig Henriques, a photographer at WCBS.

Elise’s coworkers and friends fondly remember her for her exceptional skills and dedication. Her loss has created a void and a sense of sorrow in the meteorology industry and the community she served.

The news of CBS Meteorologist Elise Finch’s untimely departure has garnered widespread attention and evoked profound emotions from the public. She will be remembered as an accomplished meteorologist and a beloved friend.

III. The regret of relatives and colleagues

The passing of Elise Finch has brought profound grief to her loved ones and colleagues. Those who had the privilege of knowing Elise cannot hide the deep sadness and loss that comes with losing such a remarkable friend and coworker.

Elise’s family, particularly her daughter Grace, is facing a tremendous void and irreplaceable loss. Elise’s unwavering dedication and unconditional love for her family will forever be engraved in the hearts of her loved ones.

Elise’s colleagues and friends also share in immeasurable sorrow. The memories of unity, support, and moments of laughter with Elise will always be treasured. Those who had the opportunity to work alongside Elise truly understand her worth and the light she brought to each working day.

The loss of Elise Finch extends beyond her family and colleagues; it is a loss felt by the community she served. Those who were mentored by Elise and received her guidance and knowledge in the field of meteorology are now confronted with a void and the loss of an exceptional mentor.

The magnitude of this mourning cannot be expressed in words and can only be shared and healed through love and the cherished memories of Elise Finch, who left a profound impact on the hearts of those who had the privilege of knowing meteorologist elise finch 3

IV. Inheriting Elise Finch’s Legacy

The legacy of Elise Finch will be inherited and continue to live on through the impact she left in the field of meteorology and the community.

Firstly, Elise’s dedication and passion in her work will continue to inspire and influence those working in this field. Colleagues and future mentees will see Elise as a source of motivation, and by harnessing her knowledge and experience, they will uphold and advance their careers in meteorology.

Secondly, Elise has built a profound influence within the community she served. Projects and initiatives she was involved in and supported can continue to be carried out and developed. From educating the local community about climate to supporting charitable activities, Elise Finch’s social legacy will continue to drive community development and positive interactions.

Lastly, Elise’s family, especially her daughter Grace, will inherit the legacy of love and care that Elise bestowed upon them. The family will carry on the values and principles that Elise instilled while maintaining relationships and connections with others, just as Elise did.

The inheritance of Elise Finch’s legacy is not just a duty but also a means to carry forward the positive impact she made. From inspiring others to spreading love and care, Elise’s legacy will persist and spread through future generations.

V. Community response to Elise Finch’s passing

The passing of Elise Finch has evoked a strong and profound reaction within the community. Those who knew and admired Elise have shared their emotions and cherished memories of her.

The community, including colleagues, friends, and followers of Elise’s work, has been deeply moved and mournful over the loss of her presence. They remember Elise as a skilled, reliable, and devoted individual who contributed to making weather information understandable and accessible to everyone.

Elise’s sudden departure has created a sense of loss not only within the meteorology industry but also within the community she served. Her presence and talent fostered positive interactions and instilled trust within the community, and her absence leaves an irreplaceable void.

The community has shown empathy and support for Elise’s family during this difficult time. They have found ways to express their condolences and send well wishes to the family, while also collectively remembering and cherishing the wonderful memories of Elise.

The passing of Elise Finch is a significant loss to the community, and the deep and heartfelt reaction from everyone is a testament to the impact and respect she built throughout her career and meteorologist elise finch 3


1. How did Elise Finch pass away?

The exact cause of Elise Finch’s passing has not been disclosed. The news of her sudden death was announced by WCBS, leaving her colleagues, friends, and the community in shock and grief.

2. What were Elise Finch’s achievements in her career?

Elise Finch had an impressive career as a meteorologist. She received an Emmy Award for her exceptional work and was recognized for her dedication and talent in delivering accurate weather reports. Her expertise and contributions made her a trusted source for weather information.

3. How did Elise Finch contribute to the community?

Elise Finch was known for her involvement in the community, particularly in her hometown of Mount Vernon. She actively supported various initiatives and projects, educating the community about climate and engaging in charitable activities.

4. How will Elise Finch’s legacy continue?

Elise Finch’s legacy will continue through the impact she made in the field of meteorology and the lives she touched. Her dedication will inspire future meteorologists, and her community involvement will serve as a reminder of the importance of giving back. Her family will carry forward her values and continue to cherish her memory.

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