ดาวตก ก่อ เกิด รัก พากย์ ไทย ep 18: การเผชิญหน้ากับอุปสรรคในความรัก

ดาวตก ก่อ เกิด รัก (Dao Taug Kor Gert Ruk) is a popular Thai drama series that has been gaining a lot of attention from both Thai and international audiences. The series revolves around the lives of two siblings, Fah and Tor, who are facing various challenges in their lives, including family issues, love problems, and career setbacks. In episode 18 of the series, titled การเผชิญหน้ากับอุปสรรคในความรัก (Facing Challenges in Love), Fah and Tor are confronted with some of the toughest challenges yet. In this article, we will explore what happened in the episode and what we can expect from the series in the future.

Episode 18 Synopsis

At the beginning of the episode, Fah and Tor are still reeling from the revelation that their father, who had passed away years ago, was not actually their biological father. The truth is devastating to both of them, but it hits Fah particularly hard since she has always been closer to their father. Tor tries his best to comfort her, but it’s clear that they are both struggling to come to terms with the news.

Meanwhile, Fah is still dealing with the aftermath of her break-up with her ex-boyfriend, Nop. She’s doing her best to move on, but she can’t help feeling hurt and angry every time she sees him with his new girlfriend. She tries to focus on her work and her studies, but her heart just isn’t in it anymore.

Later in the episode, Tor’s girlfriend, Warin, confesses to him that she has been offered a job in Singapore and is considering taking it. Tor is devastated by the news, as he knows that a long-distance relationship will be difficult to maintain. Warin assures him that she loves him and promises to do everything in her power to make it work, but Tor is still unsure if he can handle being apart from her.

Meanwhile, Fah meets a new guy named Dome, who seems to be interested in her. He’s charming and handsome, and Fah can’t help but be intrigued by him. However, she’s still not over Nop and is hesitant to get involved with someone new. She confides in Tor about her feelings, and he encourages her to give Dome a chance.

Towards the end of the episode, Fah and Tor receive another bombshell – their mother has been diagnosed with cancer. They are devastated by the news and rush to the hospital to be with her. As they sit with their mother, they both realize that life is too short to hold grudges or waste time on things that don’t matter. They vow to support each other and their mother through this difficult time and to make the most of every moment they have together.

What to Expect

Episode 18 of Dao Taug Kor Gert Ruk was a particularly emotional one, as the characters faced some of their toughest challenges yet. However, it also showcased their resilience and their ability to support each other through difficult times. As the series progresses, we can expect to see more of this theme of family and love triumphing over adversity.

We can also expect to see some major developments in the characters’ personal lives. Fah and Tor will continue to navigate their respective love lives, and we will see how they deal with the various obstacles that come their way. Additionally, we will likely see more of their relationship with their mother, as they come to terms with her diagnosis and do everything they can to support her.


1. When does Dao Taug Kor Gert Ruk air?
Dao Taug Kor Gert Ruk airs on GMM One every Monday and Tuesday at 8:15 PM Thai time.

2. Where can I watch Dao Taug Kor Gert Ruk online?
The series is available to watch on several streaming platforms, including Netflix, iflix, and Viu.

3. How many episodes are there in the series?
Dao Taug Kor Gert Ruk has a total of 20 episodes.

4. Who are the main actors in the series?
The series stars Nadech Kugimiya and Matt Peranee as the siblings Fah and Tor, respectively.

5. What are some other Thai dramas similar to Dao Taug Kor Gert Ruk?
If you enjoy Dao Taug Kor Gert Ruk, you might also like other Thai dramas such as Hua Jai Sila, The Crown Princess, and Love Destiny.

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