The Bachelor Thailand Ep 1 เต็ม: Exciting First Dates and Unexpected Drama

The Bachelor Thailand Ep 1 เต็ม: Exciting First Dates and Unexpected Drama

The Bachelor Thailand is finally back with an action-packed season, which premiered on August 31, 2021, filled with amazing first dates and unexpected drama. After showcasing 25 beautiful ladies in elegant gowns making their grand entrances to the rose ceremony, the bachelor, Chuanpit “Toei” Picheansoonthon, met all of them and managed to impress them with his great personality and stunning looks.

However, the first episode is just a glimpse of what is yet to come for the ladies in the show. They go on multiple dates, thoroughly getting to know Toei and each other, and ultimately, vying for his attention.

The first group date kicked off with a bang as Toei took the girls on a yacht ride, which marks the beginning of their summer adventure. The girls were beyond excited as they soaked in the scenery and mingled with each other, all clamoring for Toei’s attention.

After a few relaxing hours, the date’s drama began when a group of 8 ladies were provided with a kayak on the beach. They had to race to Toei’s heart by paddling as fast as they could. Unfortunately, not all of them got to make it to the finish line, which created tension between some of the girls.

As the boat ride ended, the girls moved on to the second date, which consisted of a survival challenge where they had to build their own shelter to survive the night. The stunning ladies showed the viewers their resourcefulness and teamwork, with a few of them taking the lead. Amidst the challenge, Toei showed off his leadership skills in helping the girls build their shelter.

In the end, Toei picked two girls whom he thought shined the brightest during the survival challenge. The bachelorettes after an exciting day got close to each other and are already feeling the tension and drama during the first night.

The first day with the group date ended in a rose ceremony. As expected, some girls go home heartbroken as Toei had to make some difficult decisions. Ultimately, only four girls were offered roses by the bachelor, like Kanjana Kwankao, Pinchanok Sawatkanokchai, Chattarin Saengthong, and Phaiboonphit Junruen.


1. Who is the Bachelor Thailand Season 5?

The Bachelor Thailand Season 5’s bachelor is Toei Picheansoonthon, who is an entrepreneur and a former athlete.

2. When was the first episode of The Bachelor Thailand Season 5 aired?

The first episode of The Bachelor Thailand Season 5 premiered on August 31, 2021.

3. What is the show about?

The Bachelor Thailand is a dating reality show that follows the journey of a bachelor as he dates and gets to know a group of beautiful and accomplished women. The show culminates in a final rose ceremony where the bachelor chooses who he wants to be with.

4. What happens in the first episode?

In the first episode of the Bachelor Thailand, viewers see the 25 contestants make their grand entrance and get to know Toei. The girls go on two different dates, a yacht ride and a survival challenge, followed by a rose ceremony.

5. Where can I watch the Bachelor Thailand?

The Bachelor Thailand can be watched on Channel 3 in Thailand, or you can stream it on Rakuten Viki.

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