เลือด เจ้าพระยา ep 5: สุดสารทจากคณะราษฎร

“It’s the darkest before dawn,” they say. This phrase perfectly encapsulates the fifth episode of “เลือด เจ้าพระยา,” wherein the audience witnesses the aftermath of the gruesome riot that took place in the previous episode. It’s an episode that breathes new life into the already intriguing storyline of the show, leaving audiences begging for more.

At the beginning of the episode, we see the immediate chaos caused by the riot. Dead bodies laid scattered around the palace grounds, and the fighters and rioters still lingered, bloodied and wounded. The episode then shifts its focus to the characters, with each one dealing with the aftermath of the violence differently.

One of the standout performances in this episode is undoubtedly that of the Queen Mother. Her actions and words reveal her unyielding strength and unwavering resolve, which intimidates even the most powerful men in the palace. She refuses to let the situation control her and instead takes charge. It is her machinations that lead to the execution of one of the leaders of the rebellion, causing the audience to realize why she is such a feared individual in the palace.

Another character who received his fair share of screen time in this episode is the young and impressionable Prince Yodying. Watching him go through the journey of self-discovery is endearing, as he is no longer the naive and sheltered prince he was at the beginning of the series. Yodying is now being forced to confront harsh realities of palace life, and his reaction to these experiences is both heart-breaking and relatable.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of this episode is the introduction of a secret group known as the “คณะราษฎร” (Council of Nobles). According to rumors, they’re plotting to overthrow the current king and replace him with Prince Yodying. The audience is left wondering about the identity and motivations of the members of the Council, and whether or not their plans will succeed.

As with the previous episodes, “เลือด เจ้าพระยา” has proven itself to be a visual feast. The cinematography is still epic, with beautifully shot sequences that highlight the magnitude of the palace and the grandeur of the world building. The use of lighting complements the overall aesthetic of the show, with the darker theme of this episode further heightening the mood and tension.

All these elements of the story and setting create a riveting episode that drives the story forward and builds anticipation for the rest of the show. One can’t help but leave the episode eagerly waiting for the next installment.


1. Who does Prince Yodying encounter during the riot in this episode?

-Prince Yodying encounters a young girl who appears to be affected by the chaos and trauma of the riot.

2. What is the Council of Nobles?

– The Council of Nobles is a secret group rumored to be planning to overthrow the current king and replace him with Prince Yodying as the new king.

3. What impressed audiences the most in this episode of “เลือด เจ้าพระยา?”

– The strong performances by the actors, the epic visual scenes, and the dark themes that added a new layer of intrigue to the story.

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